About Us

Patrick K Murfet is spearheading the environmentally-focused and visonary Snowdown Park project...

Patrick has years of experience from a wide array of businesses. He is the Director of Bee Equipment Ltd, one of the most successful beekeeping companies in the UK. It manufactures an extensive variety of apiarist equipment for experienced and new beekeepers alike.

Patrick also sells live bees & queens from his own apiaries. He has been an avid beekeeper for over 20 years and has the General Certificate in Beekeeping Husbandry, a testing exam which covers all aspects of beekeeping.

Patrick also runs Bees & Other Pollinators Magazine, now in its third issue. He wanted to launch this magazine to educate its readers to the importance of our pollinating insects in the UK and beyond. Bees are central to everything Patrick does.

His two businesses, above, are joined by a Candle making company called Wax & Wick Room, which specialises in pure beeswax handmade candles and other candle making accessories. These are made from beeswax from his own apiaries and are rather special! He has a further business named Burt’s Country Store, which sells an eclectic range of products from animal feeds to solitary beehives.

These businesses are all based at Highland Court Farm in Bridge, and he employs a wonderful group of over 20 people with a huge wealth of knowledge and experience in a variety of fields. It is a real family affair and Patrick vows to keep this going at Snowdown Park.

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