Honeybee Hive Style Eco-Lodges

Honeybee Hive Style Eco-Lodges.

We will be using a honeycomb shape and arrangement for all of the buildings at Snowdown Park, as the modular nature of the hexagon allows for multiple configurations.

A single module can be replicated and used across the site in a variety of settings. They will provide the basic shape for eco-lodges pods, artisan outlets, cafes and more, with a vision of creating something that looks spectacular from above and stands out from the crowd.

The hexagonal shape adds to our vision of making Snowdown Park all about the honeybee.

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The module shape allows for imaginative and practical use of space.

Single module will be replicated to form a variety of spaces to include bedrooms and living accommodation.

Eco-lodges modules arranged within a honeycomb configuration.

New intermediate structure provides opportunities to create infill modules, expanding on the standard honeycomb shape.

Eco-lodge modules will be made within a honeycomb configuration.

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