Honeybee Inspired Development

Putting the Honeybee at the centre of our plans.

Honeybee Inspired Development

The Bee Yard will comprise of two distinct areas, linked by a large archway. Artisan makers, including a bakery, country store and specialist candle making store, will be star features.

There will be a large focus on other crafts using products derived from the hive, such as mead making, beeswax wraps and cosmetics. Each area will be in the shape of a honeybee hive cell, which will continue throughout the site to create an incredible aerial view.

At the heart of the development and as a consistent theme, visible through the site, will be our love and respect for the Honeybee.

The Honeybee Research Centre will establish significant research areas into the parasites and diseases that affect the honeybee, as well as an industry field-test facility. We also plan to explore new hive and equipment design as part of this ongoing project.

The Beeyard

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