Spacious comfortable and affordable homes, using sustainable green building methods.

Spacious, comfortable and affordable homes

The Future of Engineered Housing

Thirty-nine residential units are proposed. Priority access to the new houses will be given to those who have secured employment on Snowdown Park. Rents will be ‘affordable’ and the houses will not be for sale, but instead will remain as a local residential resource.

Whilst the concept of fully pre-fabricated housing units has been around for a long time, there is a recent push to move this construction concept more into mainstream house building; we plan to be at the forefront of this revolution from pre-fabricated to engineered housing.

Philanthropy and Community

New living spaces for employees. The housing design for the scheme will prioritise more space, the inhabitant’s wellbeing and lifestyle will be the most valued identity for the engineered housing.

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Beyond Minimum Housing Guidelines

Comfort and generous space are key aspirations for the new houses. The properties will be designed to the highest green credentials and to maximize the space available.

Working Towards Net Zero Homes

The housing scheme and the eco-lodges will strive to achieve this. A careful selection of building systems and advanced design methods are intended to ensure the homes are comfortable, affordable and energy efficient for the occupiers.

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